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About MoneyGet

MoneyGet is an international ATM network spanning across the whole of the SEE Region. Our wide experience in finance industry, in the segment of ATMs and related cutting-edge technologies, helps us provide our users with stability, security and great availability of our ATMs, through which we earned the trust of our users. Our ATMs are located on the most convenient places – near the supermarkets, in the city centers, touristic landmarks, beaches etc.

The MoneyGet ATM network is owned by the Payten Company, part of the Asseco SEE Group, one of the biggest IT companies in the area of production and implementation of its own software solutions and services in the region of South Eastern Europe and Turkey. Payten specializes in development, sales and support of payment solutions, including the most modern and reliable ATMs. This company is a result of the proven success of Asseco's operations in this segment.

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Being our partner and adding a MoneyGet ATM to your establishment can attract customers and create a new and significant revenue stream for your business. We are at diposal to answer all your questions to ensure MoneyGet becomes your trusted partner.

MoneyGet is always striving to bring best service to its clients by expanding the number of ATM locations. We deploy only the most modern ATM models aligned with highest security standards.